Norwegian Tapestry Weaving

by Maria Brekke Koppen

translated by Christine Spangler

The CLASSIC book on Norwegian Tapestry and the dovetail technique is available in English at last!

Profusely illustrated with over 220 illustrations, this hardcover 132-page book is now available by mail order or from your weaving book seller.  The book includes beautiful, clear line drawings with companion photos of each technique.  This translation combines the best of the second and third Norwegian editions and explains terms and materials for English  readers.  Ms. Brekke Koppen's books have long been out of print in Norwegian, but now her writings are available in English.  Take a moment to browse through some of the pages on this site.  Includes three pages of bibliography.  Place your order by clicking Order and Contact Information.

". . . the strength of Koppen's book lies in its through and well-illustrated presentation of the dovetail join, a characteristic element of Nordic tapestry weaving that not only gives the older weavings their distinctive charm, but has been used to great effect by modern tapestry weavers in Scandinavia today." Katherine Larson, author of The Woven Coverlets of Norway.

"Koppen's book is considered a classic on Norwegian tapestry weaving techniques."  Laurann Gilbertson, Textile Curator, Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, Decorah, IA

"The book is essential for weavers who wish to understand and master the style of folk tapestry weaving which flourished in rural Norway from around the early 1600's to the mid-17--'s."  Lila Nelson, Textile Curator Emeritus, Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, Decorah, IA